About Us

Why Choose Haviland & Sams

We are a long-established, financial planning and advisory firm that provides hands­-on financial affairs planning and management for our clients. Our clients wish to maximize their financial efficiency and to protect, grow, enjoy, and perpetuate their personal wealth. We maintain close and continual contact with our clients and serve as advisory partners in their long-term financial thinking.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are held to the strictest standards. We act as fiduciaries, and seek the best results for our clients, placing their interests ahead of our own. We act with undivided loyalty to our clients and must disclose our method of compensation and any conflicts of interest that may emerge.

Our Clients

We serve a very diverse base of clients that extends from Maine to Florida. Although our clients are all very different from each other, they share many common characteristics and can expect:

  • Totally objective advice and assistance
  • A comprehensive management process for their financial affairs
  • Highly customized solutions
  • Assistance in implementing strategies and plans
  • A proactive approach to financial planning and management

Through regular meetings and discussion, Haviland & Sams develops customized and comprehensive models upon which to build our client’s financial strategies.

How We Are Compensated

Our clients pay separate fees for our advice and/or our investment advisory services. We are not paid sales commissions or referral fees by anyone. We are determined to reduce conflicts of interest to its lowest possible level. Accordingly, all fees are clearly identified, agreed to, and regularly reviewed with our clients.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Whether it is in designing financial strategies, providing advice regarding financial affairs management or developing a succession plan for a family-owned business, Haviland & Sams recognizes the great significance and influence that our work and our recommendations will have on our clients, their families, and future generations.